Web development

Web developments

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site. Web development can range from developing a simple static Website of to the most complex web-based applications

Simple Design

Simple Website designing

First priority is to establish a basic web presence through the creation of a Simple website . The website will consist of a home page, plus up to 4 additional pages and a contact page. The website will be flexible for future expansion, and will be the first step in establishing consistent brand styles.

Also included in construction of the website is a Content Management System. This will allow the Client to update page content using a simple word processing-style interface, without requiring knowledge of advanced web code.

High Impact Micro Sites

Most people and even you might think microsites are just high-priced mini websites with cool animations, visually stunning presentations but low or zero SEO value. Well, think again! It’s actually just a very common misconception. some of the benefits for having a microsite are The SEO Advantage, A Focused Path, Effective Branding, Faster Development and Placement, Perfect Experimental Tool, Less Overcrowded Homepages.


Enterprise Web Portal

Allowing Digiteck to develop a customized solution will give you the unique functionality it needs, and it’s the best option to achieve the objectives you are looking for. We are a unique company with unique functionality needs. We tailor our projects to fit your needs. If your problem doesn’t look like a nail, we won’t try to use a hammer on it; we’ll create a new tool for the job instead. And we’ll design that tool to work flawlessly with the website you already have.

e-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce market is growing rapidly in India. India has close to 10 million online shoppers and is growing at an estimated 30% annually. Your store is everywhere and in every device for the customers to purchase online from your store. Our Ecommerce expert developers can build and run best ecommerce website for your business. Our developers optimize performance throughout the entire development process. We can develop any custom features you need and our code is 100% hand-coded.